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7 Week Courses! The smarter, safer, faster way to your degree

  • Full credit courses in a fraction of the time
  • Earn your degree faster 
  • Something for everyone with three different types of classes (in-person, remote, hybrid)

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7 Week Courses for Spring I & II!

Spring I: January 19 - March 8
Spring II: March 21 - May 10

QCC's 7 week classes allow you to earn credits online or in person in half the time of a traditional semester. Make the most of your time and earn your degree faster with 7 week courses at QCC.

3 Ways to Learn

Something for everyone with 3 different ways to learn online:

  1. Face-to-Face – Learn directly from the best! QCC makes safety a priority.
  2. Online at your own pace – Convenient for your schedule with Online Remote or Real-time Remote classes.
  3. Hybrid, the best of both worlds – Mix of online and in-person.

Experts in Online Education

Learn from professors with expertise in online education and real-world experience in competitive industries. Receive guidance from mentors, tutors, counselors, and tech support 100% online from the safety of your home.

Looking to meet your classmates? Participate in clubs, e-sports, yoga, student government, game nights and other activities.

Start learning remotely at QCC! Nothing should stand between you and quality education.
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